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Artist and photographer based in Oslo.

Born in Valdres, 1988.

She graduated a two year program at Kragerø School of arts with a major in conceptual video work and drawing, in 2014. In 2017 she completed a semester-study in photography at Bilder Nordic School of Photography in Oslo.

Solo exhibiotions:

2018 "Black Mountains" Galleri Svalbard, Longyearbyen

2018 "Under the same sky" Bortåt Glaset, Fagernes

Selected group exhibitions:

2018 "Over Brua" Skreddarstogo, Fagernes 

2017 "Fotografiets dager", Preus museum, Horten*

2017 "Rebels in a grey car", Kragerø Kunstforening, Telemark, Norway

2016 "Jomfrulandutstillingen", Telemark, Norway*

2015   "Utstilling i nr. 14", Valdres, Norway

2015   "Høstutstilling" Fagernes, Norway

2015   "Katrine Celius - Utstilling i nr.14", Valdres, Norway

2014    Exhibition Norsk Rakfiskfestival, Fagernes, Norway

2014    "Jomfrulandutstillingen" Telemark, Norway*

2014    "Vinterutstilling 900 moh" , Beitostølen, Valdres, Norway

2013    "The contaminated performance", Skrubboden, Kragerø, Norway

2013    "Jomfrulandutstillingen", Telemark, Norway*

2013    "Groupexhibition" , Munch´n, Kragerø, Norway

2013    "Summer-exhibition", Valdres Kunstforening, Fagernes, Norway

2013    "What is a portrait?", Atelierene i Kirkegata 12, Kragerø, Norway

2013   ”Humanity" Philosophy-festival, Løkka, Kragerø, Norway

2013    ”Edvardere in spe”, Kragerø Kunstforening, Kragerø, Norway. Under the auspices of Munch 150 anniversary.

2013    "Høstutstillingen" Stavern, Norway

2013    ""

2013 Group-exhibition, Valdres Kunstforening. Fagernes, Valdres, Norway

2012     Exhibition,  Kragerø Kunstsentral

2012    ”Sommerutstilling”, Valdres Kunstforening, Fagernes, Norway

*Juryed exhibition


2013    Organizer of the student-exhibition "Edvardere in spe"  A group exhibition in Kragerø Kunstforening under the auspices of Munch 150 anniversary. Kragerø, Norway.

2013    Public temporary decoration "Munch on the wall". In connection with the Munch 150 anniversary in Kragerø. Munch´n, Kragerø, Norway.

2013    "The contaminated performance", Kragerø 

2012    ”Sit down, please”, Land art/installation, Valdresflya, Valdres, Norway

Purchased by:

2015   Nord-Aurdal Kommune 


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Phone: +4798483268 

E-mail: celiuskatrine@gmail.com

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